Current Exhibit

Recent Arts Faculty Publications

June – October, 2014

This exhibit features selected recent publications by faculty in the School of Theater, Film, and Television and the Departments of Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Art History, and Design Media Arts.

Past Exhibits

Roll Film/Cue Tape:  the Legacy of Moving Image Formats

February 20 - May 30, 2014

The collective history of the moving image, from motion pictures, to television, to home movies, is inseparable from the physical media utilized to present, project, and collect those images. While commercial and personal modes of moving media production and delivery continue to evolve firmly towards the digital realm, long-utilized, as well as some long-forgotten celluloid and tape formats can continue to provide important insights into how professional and amateur films and TV programs were created, distributed, and received. As media theorist Marshall McLuhan famously noted, “the medium is the message."

While current news headlines herald Hollywood’s abandonment of 35mm film distribution in favor of an all-digital production and delivery chain,  movie buffs and archivists alike lament the loss of the aesthetic pleasures of celluloid as well as the relative stability of film and magnetic tape. Stored correctly in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, 35mm celluloid elements can last hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although considerably less stable, if stored properly, many magnetic media formats prove robust long beyond their projected life expectancy. Conversely, a recently produced born-digital film can be difficult if not impossible to retrieve if any of its microscopic bits or bytes become corrupted.

To celebrate the ongoing legacy of moving image carriers, the Arts Library and UCLA Film & Television Archive present an eclectic display sample of various film gauges, magnetic tape formats and related odds and ends, contextualized with related reference books, catalogs, and ephemera. 

The Norton Family Christmas Project

Through January 31, 2013

The Norton Family Christmas Project

Retired computer entrepreneur Peter Norton is a contemporary art collector as well as an active participant in various civic and philanthropic activities. In 1988 the Norton Family began commissioning artists to do original, multiple-edition works that are mailed as holiday greetings to friends, colleagues, and selected institutions.

The Arts Library has been fortunate to receive these wonderful holiday greetings on a yearly basis since 1989. The objects and artists’ books that comprise the Norton Family Christmas Project collection are incredibly varied. Some of the artists have chosen to work in a more traditional book format, while others have experimented with sculptural forms using a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, plastic, and cloth.

Reinvented forms of things found in daily life are a recurring theme: a doll house, salt and pepper shakers, a music box, a teacup. A sense of whimsy runs through many of the pieces: salt and pepper shakers become snow globes, a music box exhorts us to be Silent. Many works also have a sociopolitical focus, addressing issues as varied as slavery, AIDS, and gender identity.

Taken together, the Norton Family Christmas Project objects and artists’ books provide a wonderful snapshot of the last twenty years of activity in the art world at large, presenting the work of both emerging and more established artists. The 2013 edition of the Norton Family Christmas Project will arrive while this exhibit is in progress; who knows what it will be?

Type Design, Typography, and Typographers:  Selections from the Arts Library

September 2013-November 2013

Examples of publications documenting type design, typesetting and the work of typographers, selected by Arts Library Reference Assistant Clarice De Veyra. The exhibit includes books such as: Typographically speaking : the art of Matthew Carter / Margaret Re ; with essays by Johanna Drucker and James Mosley. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2003, from which an illustration is pictured above.

Recent Artists' Books Acquisitions

May 2013-August 2013

A selection of recent artists' books acquired by the Arts Library, including work by Phil Chang, Archetype Press, Jana Sim, Laura Owens, Brad Freeman and many others.

An excerpt from The moon:explorations in type and image, Archetype Press, 2009


Doll Power: Female Action Figures as Multimedia Tie-Ins

February 11 - April 14, 2013

Particularly since the 1970s, action figure tie-ins have served as an integral part of the merchandising strategy for cross-platform multimedia entertainment, including comics, film, television, and gaming. While initially designed for and marketed to children, many figures are now geared just as often to adult collectors.

This exhibit is devoted to female action figures tied to action-centric, fantasy, and superhero narratives. The figures in this exhibit, from the private collection of librarian Diana King, demonstrate a range of marketing and design features. They depict female characters and the female form itself through a variety of cultural and industry lenses. The exhibit also includes a selection of books on media paratexts, tough women in popular culture, and comics history.


Between the Stacks: Environmental Monitoring at the Arts Library

December 5, 2012 - February 8, 2013

Environmental Monitoring is carried out to assess whether temperature, relative humidity, insects or pollution are at levels damaging to materials in libraries, museums or archives. Results of monitoring inform collection stewards and facilities staff about damage, both observed and potential, and about mitigation methods that might be employed to improve collections preservation. Students in CAEM 240/IS 238 (Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials/Information Studies) monitored the environment in the UCLA Arts Library for 6 weeks and prepared this exhibit to show you what they found. They also evaluated whether improvements to the environment are achievable and sustainable without increased energy consumption.



The Art of Interactive Game Design: Selections from the Arts Library

October - December 4, 2012

This exhibit features selected materials that support interactive game design, a popular program in the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts and the focus of the UCLA Game Lab. The exhibit includes books such as: Drawing basics and video game art : classic to cutting-edge art techniques for winning video game design / Chris Solarski ; foreword by Tristan Donovan. New York : Watson-Guptill, 2012, from which an illustration is pictured above

Aspects of Color: Selected Titles from the Arts Library

June-September 2012

These publications and educational tools help students, artists, and designers understand the interaction of color, color systems, and color terminology.



Recent Arts Faculty Publications

January-May 2012

This exhibit featured selected recent publications by faculty in the School of Theater, Film, and Television and the Departments of Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Art History, and Design | Media Arts.


Architects’ Journeys: Selected Published Travel Sketchbooks and Study Tour Drawings

August 19-December 21, 2011

To welcome returning students that were studying abroad this summer and to inspire students to sketch during their travels, this exhibit showcased books from the Arts Library that feature architects' travel sketches and study tour drawings, including facsimile sketchbooks such as Le Corbusier : les voyages d’Allemagne : carnets / Ch.-E. Jeanneret, Le Corbusier. New York: Monacelli Press, 1995, from which a page is pictured above. The exhibit was organized by Janine Henri, architecture and design librarian.


Excerpts from the Uncataloged Judith A. Hoffberg Collection: A Student-curated Exhibit

March 7-August 19, 2011

Graduate students from Johanna Drucker's Information Studies 289 class prepared an exhibit of uncataloged materials from the Judith A. Hoffberg collection, carefully selected from an extensive inventory undertaken as a class project.

A substantial portion of Hoffberg's extraordinary collection of artists' books is held at the Arts Library. The bulk of the materials were first acquired by Hoffberg during the later 1970s through to the early 1990s, as artists sent her copies of their latest books to be reviewed in her Umbrella newsletter. Her particular focus on issues related to the artists' book as democratic multiple, Fluxus art, and correspondence art is reflected in the materials that found their way into the collection. The collection represents a broad geographic distribution of artists' bookworks, with many materials sent to her from international contacts, primarily in Germany and Italy, but with others scattered across the globe. Her collection highlights both the efforts of visual poets who experimented with the concrete materiality of language and of conceptual artists who saw the book form as a means of dematerializing artistic expression. It includes artists' books from small presses as well as a rich array of self-published materials that demonstrate an idiosyncratic history of the rise of the underground press, the "mimeograph revolution," the use of Xerox, and other techniques which allowed artists to take control of the means of production and to find alternative modes of distribution. These materials provide opportunities for the study of the culture of alternative publishing in the 1970s and '80s and of the aesthetics, politics, and methods of this generation of book artists.


Artists' Books by Students

June 2010-March 2011

In the spring quarter of 2010, undergraduate students in Robert Gore's Fiat Lux seminar Artists' Books in the UCLA Library and Beyond made and presented their own books as class projects. The books span a wide variety of subjects and formats and refect the diverse interests of the students who participated in the class.


What's in the Arts Library Cage? Selected Titles in Architecture and Allied Arts

April-June 2010

This exhibit featured examples of materials shelved in the cage, including autographed books, binders with loose plans, books with annotations, books with original prints, cassette tapes, delicate oversized materials, early treatises, ephemeral publications, fine bindings, fine press books, fragile books, handpainted books or books with original photographs, kits with many parts, portfolios of loose plates, rare books, shaped books, small books prone to damage in the stacks, small spiral-bound books, unbound newsletters and bulletins of local interest, unusual formats needing protection, and valuable books


Film and Media Culture: Selections from the UCLA Arts Library

March 2010

This exhibit featured selected rare materials from the Arts Library Cage collection related to the study of film and television. It was in honor of the 2010 conference of the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, celebrating its fiftieth year as an organization. Featured were fan magazines, books, facsimiles, and other content relevant to the study of film and media culture in different decades.


The Magic Lantern! From Victorian Vision To Modern Media From the Collection of UCLA Design | Media Arts Professor Erkki Huhtamo

October 21 - December 11, 2009

Prof. Erkki Huhtamo with Magic Langern

The magic lantern played an important role in visual education and entertainment for centuries. Introduced soon after the mid-seventeenth century, it became a staple of the curiosity cabinets of savants and was brought to the "common people" by itinerant showmen. In the nineteenth century the magic lantern show developed into a specialized profession and big business, and countless magic lanterns and slides were produced both for professional and domestic use.

Featuring magic lanterns, lantern slides, and other related objects from the extensive private collection of UCLA Design | Media Arts Professor Erkki Huhtamo, this exhibit demonstrated how the magic lantern show,typical of the Victorian era, opened ways for modern society and culture as well.

In connection with the exhibit, the Department of Design | Media Arts presented a Halloween Magic Lantern Show by the American Magic Lantern Theater of Connecticut, the only professional group giving authentic magic lantern shows in the United States.


A Tribute to Albert Boime, 1933-2008: Remembering the Life and Accomplishments of a Distinguished Art Historian

January 20 - October 19, 2009

Organized by Robert Gore, visual arts librarian, and David Kunzle, professor, Department of Art History


Asia in LA, Global Cities in Asia, Asia in the Global City:
Identifying Research Keywords

November 3, 2008 - January 16, 2009

This exhibit, held in conjunction with the UCLA Asia Institute's Asia in LA program, highlighted library collections and the process of identifying keywords in order to research the topic "Asia in LA, Global Cities in Asia, and Asia in the Global City.” It was organized by Arts Librarian Janine Henri.


Science Fiction Movie Poster Art

April 7 - October 31, 2008

This exhibit contained reproductions of historic international science fiction film posters from books in the Arts Library and selected lobby cards from Performing Arts Special Collections and included designs from artists in Europe, the United States, Africa, and Russia. It was organized by Arts Librarian Diana King.


Recent Acquisitions: Artists' Books

April 7 - October 31, 2008

This exhibit featured recent additions to the Arts Library's collection of artists' books, including works by Stephen Sidelinger, Cheryl Gaulke, Lex Thompson, Richard Troncone, and Paula McCartney, and also featured a piece by Nina Katchadourian commissioned for the 2007 Norton Family Christmas Project. Started in 1985 with the first of two large purchases from Los Angeles collector Judith A. Hoffberg, the library's collection focuses on artists' books as agents of social change, the book as a conceptual space, and artists' books that pay self-conscious attention to book structure. The exhibit was organized by Arts Librarian Robert Gore.


Jennifer Bolande: Guggenheim Fellow

September 17, 2007 - April 4, 2008

Highlights from the work of new genres professor Jennifer Bolande, a Guggenheim Fellow for 2007/08


Uncaged: Books that can be Paged

May 28 - September 14, 2007

This exhibit highlighted materials from the Arts Cage, a closed stack collection in the Arts Library. It was organized by UCLA Information Studies student Chizu Morihara with assistance from Arts Librarian Robert Gore.


Artists' Books: Recent Acquisitions

January 16 - May 25, 2007

This exhibit featured recent acquisitions for the Arts Library's collection of artists' books, including works by Peter Coffin, Karen Hanmer, Terry Horrigan, Paul Johnson, Emily Martin, and Lisa Melhorn-Boe. It was organized by Arts Librarian Robert Gore.


Remembering Lisa: A Tribute to Lisa Kernan

Photographs from the Arts Library Exhibit:
October 31 - December 15, 2006