Marschak Colloquium: A Presentation by Louise Barrett

Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm

The Jacob Marschak Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Mathematics in the Behavioral Sciences at UCLA

Speaker: Louise Barrett, Professor of Psychology and Canada Research Chair in Cognition, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Lethbridge

Facutly Host: Dan Blumstein, Professor of Ecology of Evolutionary Biology, UCLA

Louise Barrett's research interests focus on how social life shapes how we think and act in the world from an evolutionary perspective. She has published widely on topics ranging from cooperation, sexual conflict, maternal investment and life history in the primates, to social development in human children, parental investment and attitudes to HIV-AIDS in South African women, and the evolution of cognition from an embodied, distributed perspective.  She has co-authored three books on evolutionary approaches to human beviour, and most recently published Beyond the Brain: How Body and Environment Shape Animal and Human Minds (Princeton University Press, 2011).

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Light refreshments will be served.