Giving to the Library

First Century Society

These members of the First Century Society have included the UCLA Library in their estate plans.


Roy H. Aaron
Marion and Kurt Anker
Jean L. Aroeste
Hans Baerwald and Jennifer S. Buchwald-Baerwald
Jacqueline Briskin
Wilmer B. Buckland*
Wade A. and Alison O. Bunting
Paul Craft
Robert L. Eckert and Jerome Elliott*
Marian Engelke
William and Patricia Flumenbaum
Jack Fromkin
Robert M. and Sandra C. Hobbs
Margaret C. Jacob and Lynn A. Hunt
Wendell E. Jeffrey and Bernice M. Wenzel
Norah E. Jones
Max Lawrence
Joan Lenihan
Sarah R. Lesser
Constance Lodge*
Michelle London
Basil W. Martinez
Sheila Morrison
James J. and Rosemarie J. Nix
Irla Z. Oetzel
Clarice Campbell Olcott
Judy A. Postley
Norman J. and Armena B. Powell
Hilda N. Rolfe
Ruth M. Simon
Carmela H. Speroni*
Elizabeth S. Stacey and W. Peter Marien
William A. and Mary Lou Steinmetz
Ann E. Sumner*
David S. and Suebelle S. Verity
Jacqueline S. Weber
Mary E. Williams



*Indicates the donor is deceased