Using CLICC Laptops

How To Connect to the Internet

Most areas within the UCLA Library buildings are covered by the UCLA wireless network, including the CLICC Classrooms and the Group Study Spaces. To connect, select the appropriate wireless network from the list of available wireless networks on the computer. The location of the list will vary by operating system; please ask a CLICC consultant if you can't find it. CLICC laptops will default to eduroam. For more information about accessing wireless on campus, please see UCLA Wireless Network Access. For more details about wireless connectivity, including a map of wireless hotspots on campus, see Wireless.

How To Print

For information on printing, please see Printers.

How To Save your Documents

When using a CLICC laptop, you may save to your own USB drive (or disk) or save to the workspace (W:) drive or the SAVE2HERE location on the Mac OS. When downloading documents from the Internet, such as from webmail (Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, GMail) or a class website, it is VERY STRONGLY recommended that you save your documents to the workspace instead of selecting 'Open'. DO NOT click 'Open'. Save to the workspace (W:) drive instead (NOT TO THE DESKTOP EITHER OR YOU MAY LOSE YOUR WORK)! Students have had trouble printing, and some have even lost their entire document that they were working on as a result of opening instead of saving. This also applies to our desktop stations.

Special Hardware Features

Whether you're using Mac or Windows, you have the ability to play DVDs and music CDs. You can even burn CDs, and on the Mac, create DVD movies from scratch. See Hours and Help to learn more about movie making on the Mac. With the built-in iSight camera, you can take pictures of yourself to share with your friends, or start up a video chat in iChat or Skype. Uncomfortable using the trackpad? Check out a mouse from the CLICC laptop lending locations in the Research Library or Powell Library Building. A Thunderbolt to VGA adapter may be checked out from these same locations. This adapter is used to hook up the laptop to a projector (such as CLICC's Presentation Kits or Projectors). You can also hook laptops to the large LCD monitors in the Group Study Spaces. To make reservations for the projectors and/or the Group Study Spaces and to learn how to use them, please click on the respective links.

Special Software Features

CLICC has equipment and software to support video editing, web design, image editing, and more. To get started, we offer step-by-step tutorials and office hours staffed by real people with real answers. Please see Hours and Help for links to the tutorials and for this quarter's schedule of office hours. CLICC laptops also offer instructional software such as SPSS and STATA. They have the same set of software that's on our desktop stations in the CLICC Lab and Classrooms. For a list of all the software available, licensing information, and which software you can use online, see Software List.