Teaching at CLICC

Reserving CLICC Instructional Spaces

CLICC has instructional spaces in Powell Library and the Young Research Library for classes of up to 50 students. In addition, laptop carts can be reserved to be used in other class spaces on campus. Submit a reservation request form by completing our online form.  If you are interested in teaching at CLICC or using CLICC resources for instruction, you may contact irma@library.ucla.edu or call (310) 825-8208 for questions or more detailed information.

Availability and Making Reservations

To view today's availability in the CLICC Classrooms please see Electronic Learning Spaces. To make a reservation request please go to Group Study Spaces and find the appropriate link. To view availability for the quarter, please see the following room calendars:

If you have any difficulty viewing these calendars, please contact helpdesk@library.ucla.edu or (310) 825-8208.

General Policy for Reserving CLICC Electronic Learning Spaces and Wireless Laptop Carts

  • Reservation requests should be made at least one (1) week prior to the date requested. For a wireless cart reservation, CLICC recommends reserving at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  • Reservation requests must fall within the hours of operation for the respective CLICC classroom locations. For example, the RC Classroom hours correspond to CLICC laptop lending hours in the Research Library.
  • All those with reservations for CLICC classrooms are encouraged to schedule time to preview the software and equipment. To schedule an appointment, please email helpdesk@library.ucla.edu or irma@library.ucla.edu.
  • Cancellations of reservations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the reservation time.
  • If a scheduled class is 20 minutes late for its reserved time, the reservation will be canceled and the classroom will be available for others to use.
  • After and before-hours reservation requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please note that the wireless laptop carts are limited to use in certain buildings and classrooms. Please see the CLICC Cart Guidelines for more details.

Undergraduate & Graduate UCLA Instruction at CLICC

  • All reservation requests are handled in the order received and confirmed via email.
  • Priority is given to undergraduate and graduate courses in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Reservation requests are accepted year-round. Requests for a future quarter will be confirmed via email three (3) weeks prior to the start of the quarter for which the request has been made.
  • All room and resource assignments for confirmed reservations, regardless of course or division, are subject to change depending on enrollment figures and eventual class size. For example, a class with lower than expected enrollment may be moved to a smaller classroom.
  • Classes with special data sets should make these files available to their students via course websites. CLICC staff can also assist with distributing the files to student computers provided there is sufficient time and space to complete the file transfer.
  • Requests for software to be added to CLICC computers must be made at least six (6) weeks prior to the quarter in which the software will be used. For a list of available software, please see the Software List.
  • Instructors may request brief workshops for their classes for commonly used applications such as Powerpoint, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and iMovie. Scheduling a workshop is subject to trainer availability. For more information, please contact irma@library.ucla.edu and cliccts@library.ucla.edu, or call (310) 825-8208.

Other UCLA Departments, Divisions and Groups

Reservation requests for UCLA departments, divisions, or groups for anything other than courses listed by the UCLA Registrar as undergraduate or graduate courses (e.g. extension courses, staff training, special conferences or workshops) are handled on a case-by-case basis with the following conditions:

  • The reservation request should be submitted at least one week prior to the date requested.
  • Only software currently available on CLICC computers may be used. Installation of specialized software will not be possible. For a list of available software, please see the Software List.
  • All participants must have UCLA Logons and be able to log into the computers or use campus wireless without assistance.