Printing At CLICC

Printing at the CLICC Lab, the CLICC Classrooms, and at all Library public workstations works through the use of ''Print Release Stations''.

Print Charges

  • Black and white print jobs cost 10¢ for each side;
  • Color print jobs cost 40¢ for each side.
  • Be aware that you are not charged for printouts unless you release them at the printer. All unreleased jobs are purged from the system at midnight.

Paying for Printing

  • In order to print, you must use your BruinCard to pay for your print job.
  • If you don’t have your BruinCard with you, you can obtain a temporary BruinCard at the BruinCard Kiosk in the 2nd Floor of Powell where you can insert cash to the temporary BruinCard.
  • It is not until you release your printout on the Pharos print release station that your BruinCard will be charged. To view your BruinCard charges, go to the BruinCard web site.


From time to time, you may receive a printout of faulty or poor quality, or may find that your printout does not emerge from the printer at all. The following situations qualify for a refund:

  • Low toner or smudged output;
  • Printer crinkling or tearing the pages (from a paper jam or otherwise);
  • System or printer error.

If you have any questions related to the printing or refund process, please contact an on-duty consultant for assistance.

Adding Money to your BruinCard

If your BruinCard does not have enough funds to pay for your printout, you can add money to your BruinCard in the following ways:

  • ADD MONEY ONLINE: To add money online, visit the BruinCard web site. Please note that you must make a minimal deposit of $10 using a credit card (VISA not accepted).
  • ADD CASH TO BRUINCARD KIOSK: You can also insert cash to your BruinCard at the BruinCard Kiosk located in the 2nd floor of Powell Library near the circulation desk.