Electronic Learning Spaces (CLICC Classrooms)

The CLICC Classrooms, known as Classroom A, B, and C, are three electronic learning spaces with desktop stations, laptops, other instructional equipment and services. Classroom A has 24 laptops that connect to the Internet using the UCLA Wireless Network. Classroom B has 26 laptops that connect to the Internet using the UCLA Wireless Network. Classroom C, our largest classroom, has 51 Windows desktop stations. All three rooms include AV and an instructor station and computer.

Hours and Availability

Hours for the CLICC Classrooms are generally Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. They are closed on weekends and university holidays. The hours for the Research Commons Classroom correspond closely to the hours of the CLICC Laptop Lending desk at the Research Library. Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Also, Classrooms B and C are available for drop-in users when a class is not in session. Classroom A is for instructional use only, and it is not available for drop-in users

If you have any difficulty viewing these calendars, please contact helpdesk@library.ucla.edu, (310)825-7557.

Classroom Reservations

Please see Teaching at CLICC for complete details on how to reserve a CLICC Classroom. Generally, priority is given to undergraduate courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Reservation requests can be submitted through an online form at My.CLICC. Requests are confirmed via e-mail.



The Windows desktop stations in Classroom C are identical to the ones in the CLICC Lab. The laptops used in Classrooms A and B, including the instructor laptops, are identical to the laptops available for check out from Powell Laptop Lending.

 For more information about CLICC desktop and laptop hardware, please see Equipment.


The CLICC Classrooms have at least one ceiling-mounted overhead projector per classroom. Classroom C has 3 projectors.

These projectors can connect to the instructor station, another CLICC laptop, or an instructor's personal laptop, provided it has a VGA or mini-DVI output. The projectors can also display DVDs or VHS tapes on our decks.

Projectors are also available for checkout; they include the projector and other related accessories bundled in a kit, called a PresentationKit. PresentationKits are available for checkout from the CLICC Lab.

For more information on what is included and how to check out these kits, please see Projectors.


Printing is also available in the CLICC Classrooms, whether you're using a laptop or desktop station. For more information about how printing at CLICC works, please see Printers.

IMPORTANT: When printing from the CLICC Classrooms always make sure that the printer you select is 'CLICC BW’ for black and white documents or ‘CLICC Classroom Color’ if you’re printing in color. Otherwise your print job may come out at another location and you'll need to go to that location to retrieve your printout.

Other Equipment

The CLICC Classrooms have other instructional equipment, including a digital whiteboard, 3D scanner, a WolfVision digital visualizer, and Video Editing Accessories.

For a complete list and descriptions, please see Instructional Technology.


All of our Windows-based desktop machines have the same set of software. The same is true for our Macintosh-based desktops and laptops. For a list of software available at CLICC, see the CLICC Software List

Some software and tools are specific to the instructor stations. Software that help instructors with classroom management, such as NetSupport School or Apple Remote Desktop, allows an instructor to better direct activities on the student stations.

For more information about software and tools related to instruction at CLICC, please see Instructional Technology.


Training Specialists are highly skilled CLICC consultants familiar with the electronic learning spaces and instructional technology. Specialists are available to help individual users and instructors learn how to use all CLICC services, resources, and some of CLICC's software offerings. These include the special instructor software mentioned above, more common applications like Adobe Photoshop, and specialized software like iMovie. Training Specialists hold office hours regularly.

 Please see hours and help for more information about support at CLICC.