Borrowing a CLICC Laptop, Policies, and Fines

Who can check out a laptop?

  • Current UCLA students, faculty, and staff members may check out a laptop using their UCLA Logon ID and BruinCard from any UCLA Library locations. Users without valid BruinCards may not check out laptops.
  • Laptop borrowing privileges may be revoked or suspended based on violations of policies at the discretion of Library Administration.

How to Check Out a Laptop

  • Approach the checkout counter at any CLICC laptop lending locations and present a valid BruinCard. No other form of identification can be accepted.
  • You will need to sign the laptop lending for indicating that you agree to our laptop lending agreement and laptop fines policies. Please see below for the Laptop fines.
  • CLICC consultants or staff members will then check the power cord, scan the laptop and issue you a laptop bag,. Laptops may be checked out for a period of four hours. If there are less than four hours until closing time, it will be due at closing time (see the schedule on the left for today's hours).
  • For your purposes, you can log onto your My Account on the Library Catalog site to verify your laptop due time. In your My Account you can also check if your laptop has been discharged to your account after you returned.
  • For more information about the CLICC Laptop Locations, please visit Laptop Lending Locations.

Renewing Your Laptop

You may renew your laptop during any time of your checkout only once. Your laptop will be can be renewed for an additional four (4) hours or until closing time from the time renewed only once during any time of your checkout.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You cannot renew if the laptop is already late. You must bring the laptop back, along with the bag and all its accessories, to the lending station and check-in the laptop. Only then, can you check-out the laptop and start a new four hour block.

Ways to renew...

  1. You can renew your laptop on the My Account page of the UCLA Library Catalog.
  1. You can come to the laptop lending station and renew in person.  
  2. You can call in to renew.  In addition to allowing you to renew your laptop, My Account can also tell you when your laptop is due.

Returning Your Laptop

  • Please return your laptop on time, with the power adapter and the bag. An inventory will be made of all these items, and the screen will be checked for cracks or other damage. If something is missing or damages were incurred, it will be noted in our system and you may be fined.
  • Remember to return your laptop to the same lending station you used to check it out; other lending stations will not accept your laptop unless the original lending station is already closed. ALL laptops may be returned at 145 Powell Library IF other lending stations are closed.
  • If you noticed a problem with your laptop, please let the CLICC consultant or staff know upon return so we can address the problem.

Late Laptop Fines

If you do not return your laptop on time the laptop fines are the following:

  • $0.16 per minute after a laptop is late. At $9.60 per hour, there is a MAXIMUM of $230.40 charged
  • After 24 hours from overdue, an additional Item Replacement Fee of $2,000 is applied to the current fees.
  • Laptop fines are billed to your BAR account and show up a few days after the infraction. * If miscellaneous items are not returned 24 hours after due time, Item Replacement Fees will be applied.

If you have any questions, please email Please include your UCLA Logon ID (no passwords!) and UCLA ID number.

Printing from a Laptop

You can send your print job to any CLICC printer from all CLICC laptops. However, when printing make sure to select the correct printer corresponding to your location. After you select print from the CLICC laptop, you can then go to the CLICC Print Release station to release your print job.

  • For more information about printing, please visit Printers.